Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Sunday morning saw me at seeswood yet again. Their was not much happening on the bird front as their was a fishing contest on, still I made myself comfortable at the back of the pool and just had 40 minutes or so sat on a tree stump.I was watching a group of longtailed tits and there were also robin, dunnock, blue tit,coal tit and great tit also their was a group of young blackbirds foraging about, the pair of tufted duck are still on the water although I think they had had an argument as they were on different sides of the lake. A little dissapointed as their was nothing to be seen so on Monday had an hour spare so took Jo and went and had a quick look at Draycote - Love it - We only walked a little way round (clockwise from the center) to a place called the overflow (not sure if it was bird ethical to walk along so I didnt)and as I had Jo I didnt spend too much time their but I saw a couple of firsts for me, a little grebe and wheatear. It was nice watching the coots do what they do along with quite a few tufted duck, cant wait now to go and have a proper look.


  1. Nice Wheatear, Col. Glad you made Draycote. Worth a full day if you can make time. If you are short of time, a morning walk to Toft is good or an afternoon walk to the Valve Tower. This will take into account the light and any glare from the sun.

  2. Cheers Kev - advice much appreciated - great place