Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Monday 28th september

I was hoping to go to Draycote this week but unfortunatly something cropped up so I went off down to the pool. Its been about 3 weeks since I was last there and It is difficult to believe the change over such a small time. My favorite oak tree is shedding its leaves as if they were going out of fashion, most of the reeds have died down and the swallows and most of the warblers have gone.I am not sure where the Canada geese went but when I was under some trees I did hear them although I couldnt see them. One welcome return was a pair of tufted ducks which I had not seen for quite a few weeks.I was really looking forward to getting out today as I have not had much chance to use my new camera but the light was very dull so I took my tripod so I could use a slower speed, but it was not to be there were very few photo opportunities or is it that I am getting a lot more picky now particularly after gauking at Dave Duttons superb photo's.At the back of the pool there is a small copse and I know little owl and spotted flycatchers have been seen there and I have spotted quite a lot of finches so I set the tripod up put a 2 times converter on and buried my self in a tree and I waited and I waited and I waited a bit longer, thinking to myself I will get a decent shot even if it is a blue tit so I waited longer. I scanned about a bit with my binoculars and right to my left I watched a young whitethroat (or a scruffy one) pruning its self, unfortunately it was in a position that I could not photograph.Getting a bit late for my appointment I packed up my camera. Zipping up the bag, right at the place I had focussed a small bird started to flutter, I had my bins straight onto it and although it was the first time I had saw one I knew straight away that it was a goldcrest, it made my day, just wished that I had waited a bit longer. As I walked back I sat and watched a group of Long tailed tits flitting about, I had a great show that lasted a good 10 minutes.When I gets home there is a picture of a portable bird hide, I looks , Jo starts to laugh, I put magazine down and went into my fish room. Even though I did not get any photos I really enjoyed my few hours down the pool I have such a lot to learn, but thats great at 49 a new challenge. Think I am going to go down to Nuneaton bird club at the end of next month - you never know.

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