Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday 3rd August

Had a wander down seeswood today, it was very quiet with just one fisherman on the lake. I decided to look the otherway today, over the fields instead of over the lake. I positioned my self inside a willow bush and kept silent for a bit. Glad nobody was about I must of looked a right wally in my newly aquired waterproof camoflage gear (thanks Jo - she bought me these as a suprise and I am sure she had a snigger when she gave them me) sitting inside a willow tree in the middle of no where. However they must of done the trick as I spotted some new birds along with a host of others. The most notable was a Whitethroat, I wasnt sure what it was but I did get a poor picture of it which I was able to ID as soon as I got home. I also saw a willow warbler which is a first for me. Well I think it is a willow warbler due to its light legs but if anyone knows different please tell me. Just found out it is a Sedge Warbler - Thanks Kev

Sedge Warbler
There was also a chiffchaff ,wren and a few blue tits all come to visit the bush. When I came out the bush, I looked over the field and saw a buzzard in a distant tree. Not a brilliant picture but it was a whole field away
On the same field there was also approximatly 50 Canada goose, not sure where they come from or where they are going too, on my way back they were on the lake and what made me smile was among this huge flock of Canadas was one solitary Greylag goose. Also as I was at the back of the lake I was watching 2 black headed gulls when this huge gull came and took there place on the log that they were sitting on. I thought it was a herring gull but the main feature was the bright yellow legs which I think I have identified rightly as a yellow legged gull


It was a great morning with me spotting over 24 species. Had to get back home as I needed to do 50 water changes in the fish house. Thought I would swap my 400mm lens for a macro and took a picture Of my estherae digging a spawning sight



  1. Hi Col
    Never been to Seeswood Pool. Is it free access or do you need a permit? Are any parts private?
    Love the estherae - thought for one moment it had been taken at Seeswood!!!


  2. It is free access but you do have to climb over a locked carpark gate (this is the fishermans) There is a small layby type thing you can park in or you can park next to the bushes at the other side - If you go in the week it is very quiet and just up from the pool there is a Public Footpath that leads onto arbury woods. You can walk all round the pool but it can be a little boggy at the back end if it has been raining

  3. Thanks for the info on Seeswood, will pay a visit when next in that area.
    Your warbler looks like Sedge Warbler.

  4. I dont think you will be dissapointed -

    Thanks for the ID