Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Visit to Brandon Marsh - Coventry

Had a few days holiday this week, I was supposed to be going sea fishing but the skipper called it off due to bad weather.So Tuesday saw me at Brandon Marsh. Not sure what to expect I just started to follow my way along the footpaths, which led to various bird hides. These hides were located on the sides of various lakes and I was amazed at the amount of birds that were there. I found a hide at the back of the reserve and made myself comfortable.One bird that has been difficult to photo in the past has been the moorhen and I was well chuffed when one decided to play infront of me

A moorhen sitting right in front of the camera
It was nice n quiet in the hide with one or two people popping in to take pictures or just to sit and watch the birds. One guy and his grandson came in and after we got chatting a little I told him that I was from Nuneaton and he said he thought so !!!! not sure what he was saying , perhaps he thinks we are all inbred (at one time they called us the ' Woolly backs from Treacle Town ' in Coventry) but all was revealed when he said he was from their and he seemed to have recognised me. It is quite amazing how many birds you notice once you have been sat down for some time. I was sitting watching a cormorant when this big fella landed in front of me

Grey Heron

I took quite a lot of foto's of this heron and I also watched as he disturbed a redshank and it seemed as if he was following him. Among the birds I saw was a Green Sandpiper, Buzzard, Redshank amongst many others. I think I was to preoccupied with the hides and I forgot about all of the woodland birds that are there, I have got to find the technique to spot these small birds in the bushes never mind photograph them. There was also a lot of butterflies about but with a 400mm lens on I could not get any photos.


A redshank - I think the way it blends in is amazin

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