Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Monday 10th august

Up at 5.30 had a cuppa and I was down the pool for 6am. It was very overcast and there was a little rain in the air. I heard a bird sing and thought to myself that it was a reed bunting,I could not believe it when I spotted this reed bunting singing although I can not think how the song was now. It started to rain so I found a comfortable log in a bush and sat it out. I am glad nobody seen me as I think they would of got the terrorism squad out, I was sitting there in my waterproof camoflage suit and my eyes fixed to my binoculars with a great big bulge sticking through my coat in the form of my 400mm lens. As I sat in the bush a robin paid a visit as did a small group of baby chiffchaffs ( I know they were chiffchaff and not willow warblers as there tails were frequently bobbing down -hehehe I am begining to distinguish some of these birds without the book). As I came out of the bush I looked at one of my favorite trees, its funny how you get a favorite tree or bush, and perched on the top branch was a Coal tit


There was still a slight bit of rain in the air as I squished around the back of the lake. The farmer was ploughing up a field that had been full of wild flowers and scrub it was a bit of a shame as it was a haven for butterflies but I did see a cock pheasant get flushed. I passed a couple of bivvies and the fishermen I spoke to yesterday had still not caught any fish but they had spotted a red eared terrapin (I wished people would take there pets seriously) I spotted the Heron on a stump so there I was on my hands and knees and I managed to get a decent pic of the 18 stone Heron


Still on my knees I could not believe it when a pair of pink wellies came round the corner followed by an old bedraggled and wet border collie who looked like he wasnt going to make it to the other side of the lake, looking up there was an even older bedragled and wet old lady who was definatly not going to make it to the other side, when she asked whether I had lost anything for some reason I said "yes my lens cap " I dont know why I said that lol. Anyway the secretive heron got wind and flew off.
It stopped raining and there was loads of swallows and housemartins over the water, after b20 minutes of trying to get a picture of one, I thought sod it and laid on my back Hoping one would fly over the lens - I dont know what I would of said to the old lady had she had come back round and seen me coverd in mud lying on my back in the long grass. It started to rain quite heavily now so I made my way back to the van, when I got to the road I had a little walk to the waterfall
and saw a trio of grey wagtails

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