Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Monday 17th august

I was really looking forward to going down the pool this week after reading a report by Alan Ramsell (I am sure he is one of my mates of old, maybe I will meet up with him one day)and he had spotted a little owl and a spotted flycatcher at the back of the pool, so I spent Sunday night trying to put to memmory the song of the flycatcher by playing it over and over again (how sad am I)I imagined it to the sound of a high pitched squeaking gate opening. I spent 2 hours at the back of the pool I am sure I heard it (or was I imagining it lol)but I did not see it nor did I spot a little owl but I was quite happy as I sat watching a group of long tail tits I think there was about 15 to 16 of them



I also caught a quick glimpse of this bird I am not 100% sure what it is (where's Kev)sorry about the picture but it was a long way away, not sure if it might be a whitethroat or blackcap

I started to make my way back to the front of the pool and I saw a couple of Reed Buntings in two different bushes shouting at each other, it was nice to see these as I had not seen them for a few weeks. They were a bit scruffy as I suppose that they are going through a moult. These are one of my favorite birds, probably as it was one of the first birds I saw down the pool.


Actually on the pond I counted 116 Canada geese so this flock has doubled in size to last week and it brought a smile to my face when I saw the lone grey lag amongst them. also i saw a couple of lesser black backed gulls but I did not see the tufted ducks I think these may have gone now. What I did see though were a couple of escapees from god knows where, I could not id them but I have had them ID as Chiloe Wigeon, I was quite chuffed when Dave Hutton told me it was a first for the pool
Rubbish picture as I had to put on the x2 converter and then blow it up big just to try and get the colour

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  1. Hi Col, your mystery bird could be a Lesser Whitethroat (Juv). If so a very nice find!