Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday 5th July

Again I was up early and at 5.30 I was just fitting a x2 converter which I got off ebay onto my zoom lens. Little worried about this as I am not sure how it will work. It will supposidly double the focal length of my 300ml zoom. 10 minutes later I was down the pool, it was nice and warm and a slight mist coming off the water. The birds were singing ,ducks quacking and a couple of magpies were making some horrible noise in the bush. There was a Great Crested Grebe having an argument with himself which gave me my first shot with the converter on

Not a brilliant picture but without the converter on I would of got no where near enough to take this picture. I needed a much faster speed to stop the blur, something I need to work on.

The bream were rolling as were the several fishermen on the lake, they were rolling in there sleeping bags inside there bivvies. So much going on, lots of fish jumping, birds singing and fishermen snoring, so much with getting in touch with nature. I have nothing against fishing in fact, it has been a massive part of my life (going at least once a week for 30 years, a couple of years ago). My youth was spent coming down this pool winter and summer trying to fool the roach, looking for minute Tench bubbles in the summer, stalking big pike in the winter. There were no carp in the lake then, now they have been introduced along with an army of guys trying to trap them over a few days with 5 or 6 rods with bite alarms, tucked up inside there bivvies, not sure if this is what I would call fishing.But they were enjoying it, I could tell as there was at least 24 empty lager cans outside one of them, gotto be better than goin down the pub.

Looking back out to where the grebe had been, I noticed why he had been getting excited - he had got himself a nice Perch dinner. Now thats what you call fishing.

As I walked down the bank towards the willows I could hear what I think were Reed Warblers, can you believe I have been listening to tapes of how different birds sing. I saw a black headed gull and then I was lucky enough to spot 2 common terns which I think were arguing over a landing post. I wished I had managed to figure out how to stop the blur on these following pictures. I think I was so lucky to witness this
Just wished I had had my camera on a nice steadying tripod.

Time to get back now I have had a very enjoyable couple of hours and breakfast is calling. Making my way back there were a couple of swifts flitting about along with some house martins. I also spotted a Reed Bunting and I think it was a Reed Warbler.

The swift being one of the fastest birds in the world, I was quite chuffed to get a picture of it, again this would of been impossible with out the converter, but still a bit blurry, think I need to save for a new lens and a new camera.



  1. haha. Very fast indeed.

    Excellent shots of the terns. Oh and carp fishing is better than going down the pub and you have no idea the skill which is involved with what to use and where to cast your rods.. sigh. I miss fishing.

    Anyways when the bite alarm goes off in the night your instantly sober nomater how many tins you had the evening before. :)

    Photos are getting better Col, im rather impressed. :)

  2. Not gonna get in an argument about carp trapping lol - but put me on the cut for 5 hours in an angling times winter league any day oh and 20 gudgeon to the pound will do