Monday, 29 June 2009

6.30 am Monday 29th June

Well I quite enjoyed my 2 hours down the pool yesterday so decided that I would have another trip down there today. Grabbing the bino's and camera I am down at the pool at 6.30am. It is a much brighter day this morning so hopefully I will get some better photo's. Despite the time their is quite a lot of traffic on the road so it is nice to replace it with the sound of the ducks and other birds. It was quite close and humid and I thought that we may get a bit of a storm but luckily it did not materialise. The first thing I saw today was a Great Tit followed by a bird which I could not identify. The birds were not as noisy as they were yesterday but there was quite a few butterflys about

Speckled Wood Butterfly

I just had to take some pictures of these, afterall there was not any birds to take pictures of

The Ringlet Butterfly

Once I got towards the back of the pool it was quite quiet and tranquil and would of been perfect had it not been for all the flying insects about. It must of rained in the night as it did seem a bit wetter underfoot. I was looking not only in the bushes today but in the fields and along the fenceline. I noticed these two Rabbits with not a care in the world.

At the back of the pool I again watched the Wren darting to and fro.

Again I saw the Tufted Ducks which were to far away to photograph (im gonna have to get a bigger lens but I am also after the new canon eos50D) Not much in the way of birds this morning but I did encounter A Cob and Penn with a group of cygnetts. They were standing on the narrow path way hissing and showing their wings. I needed to be on the otherside of them but they wanted me, off the pond all together. I didnt fancy arguing with them so decide to take my chance and jump over the electric fence where there was a field of very inquisitive bullocks.Still I dont think that they would of created as much damage as this over protective daddy swan.

I finally reach the area of where I saw the corn bunting yesterday and I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw him back on his perch singing away.

Back to work now for another week so I dont think I will be spotting many birds there, roll on next week.


  1. Awesome photos of the butterflies.

    Looking forward to seeing some decent shots of these birds you keep talking about though. :)