Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Monday 6th July

This morning I thought I would venture to another part of Nuneaton, some woods at the top of Anchor Hill but I was drawn back to Seeswood Pool with the hope to watch the Terns again. It was poor light with occasional spots of rain.I saw a greenfinch which I watched for about 5 minutes flitting about cannot believe that I am getting excited over a green finch. I saw a magpie over the other side of the field so I put my camera onto a high speed to try and cut out the blur but it is so difficult to focus with the converter on my lens, so unfortunately my images are still blurred (frantically saving now to get a new lens)


This magpie was quite some way off but still very noisy

I saw a couple of reed buntings in a bush so creeping up I was amazed that I did not spook them.I sat about 10 feet away from them. I must of sat there for over 20 minutes trying to get a good shot, but struggled

Photobucket The cock Reed Bunting he wasnt singing just tweeting

Female reed bunting

The female Reed Bunting along with a mouthfull of grubs

It started to rain so I headed for the cover of some nearby trees. I was scouring the lake but there was no Terns. I did see some Tufted Duck and Mallard. The weather broke and I walked to the back of the lake, where I sat and watched a goldfinch feeding. I thought I would head back as the weather looked as if it was going to start to rain again.
The first list of birds I have seen in the last 2 weeks
  1. Tufted Duck
  2. Reed Bunting
  3. Reed warbler
  4. Wren
  5. Mallard
  6. Magpie
  7. Common Tern
  8. Goldfinch
  9. Greenfinch
  10. Grey Wagtail

These birds have given me so much pleasure over the last few weeks and I cant wait to get down there again. I was reading somewhere that a total of 128 bird species have been spotted down at the pool so I have a long way to go yet.

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  1. If you have a follower then yes it is sent to the email in which the person has used as a account on here or google (As I do).

    How often do you go down the pool Col oh and do you salute the magpies?

  2. No - never heard of saluting Magpies - whats that about then ?

    I go down the pool at least twice a week