Thursday, 24 June 2010

internet connection at last

Well I havnt died its just that we have recently moved into a house and it has been a nightmare getting connected to the internet at the moment I cannot upload photos as the conection is to slow ,so appologies for the lack of pictures.
Have quite a lot to report on recent birding tripsbut I would like to accompany with some of the pictures (record shots mainly) of what I have been seeing.
Among some of the recent birds I have ticked are
Turtle Dove
Temminck's stint
Pied Flycatcher
Stone Curlew
Bearded tit
lots of Marsh Harrier

Myself and Alan were at Lakenheath gazing into the poplar trees looking for a very loud Golden Oriel but we did not get to see it, whilst we were watching Bitterns were being very active behind us, flying low level and close, it was amazing.

Biggest news is the house move,I thought my moving days were over but my company were asked to take over the management of a quite succesfull pet shop that had fallen on hard times, So Jo is caretaker manager until we find a permanent person and I am to oversee the running of the shop whilst still running Natural World (one of the biggest pet stores in the country by the way lol) However this gorgeous farm house in the middle of nowhere comes with the Job (a dream for both Jo and I) so leaving my house in the charge of number 3 and number 4 son we are gradually moving our stuff over. I have started a new garden list which is as follows
Willow warbler
Chiff chaff
Yellow hammer
Tawny Owl (I need to get a closer view of this one)
Garden Warbler (possible)
Swallow (nesting in one of our stables)
song thrush
Mistle thrush

and this is in one week whilst eating breakfast in the conservatory - I am so lucky
However stress has took its toll with all the house moving and job change for poor old Jo as she was taken to hospital on Saturday with pleurasy, she seems to be doing better now. At the new shop we intend to set up a pets corner so we are in the process of learning all about emu's ,alpacka's, pigs, chickens, lambs etc etc, so as I approach 50 when I thought my days were winding down all of a sudden they are thrown into a hurricane and once again a new project looms

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