Friday, 26 March 2010

Great Yarmouth and Fritton

Sunday 21st March I was with Nuneaton Bird Club on a trip to Breydon Water. Masses and masses of birds but I needed a scope to take full advantage. It is great with the club as all the members are happy to show birds through there scopes. I always learn a bit more each time I go. On Breydon water we saw all the usual gulls along with Oyster Catcher,Redshank,Golden plover,pintail, wigeon and the beautiful grey plover. We moved on to Yarmouth beach where we spotted the gorgeous mediteranian gull, as we looked out to Scroby Sands Cormorants and Gannets were to be seen. I was looking at something else when a Black throated Diver flew through.
We then moved on to Fritton on the hunt for a rough legged buzzard.As we looked over this non descript field we saw 3 Short ear owls, a couple of Marsh harriers,buzzard, egyption geese, kestrel,sparrow hawk and a chinese water deer. It wasnt long before someone shouted out ring tail, this bird settled on a post when the scopes settled on it and it was obvious that it was a light headed buzzard of some description. We were all waiting to see whether this buzzard had a ring tail to prove it was a rough legged.2 hours later the bird still did not move, we came away amongst much discusion and whether it was a new tick for a lot of those there.Luckily a couple of other birders were there and about 30 minutes into a journey coming home somebody had a text saying R.L.B. confirmed. What an end to a great day. Loads of birds but unfortunatly no pictures - they were to far off

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