Monday, 13 July 2009

Sunday 12 july 7pm

Well I was a bit down as I did not get to use my new lens this morning so instead of going and listening to a band down my local I picked up the camera and headed off down the pool. It was a beautiful evening and I had the pool to myself, the sun was on its way down, there was a shoal of big bream rolling in he middle of the lake, the small roach were taking insects off the surface,the dragon flies and butterflies were still active and the birds were singing, not sure how to describe the smell probably similar to after a thunder storm, all in all it was perfect. Eager to take a picture I spotted a few birds sitting on a log on the other side of the pool, setting the camera up and I snapped off my first shot.

group at seeswood

As I scanned the lake with my binoculars I saw a heron standing on a stump, again he was on the other side of the lake but I just had to get a shot of this stunning bird.It was a good job I did as soon as I got the shot he flew off.


He went to the back off the lake and I made a mental note to try and find him in the morning. I was really enjoying walking round the lake, taking in the sounds ,sights and smells. I was just getting a common tern in my viewfinder when I heard a very loud MOO, I looked behind me and there is a field of bullocks and they are literally charging straight at me. Being a bit of a coward when it comes to 3 ton mammals running at 36 MPH straight at you with only a thin bit of electric fence between me and them I gatherd my stuff and started to walk quickly , very quickly in fact I ran, thank god know one else was on the pool, must of been a great sight, 49 year old guy with both shoulders and both hands full of equipment, looking over his shoulder trying to avoid a stampede, running as fast as he can and trying to avoid cow pats at the same time.They chased me all the way to the end of their field, I made a mental note - must have a rump steak when I get home.Exhausted I sat on a stump and looked out to the lake.I have not seen the tufted ducks today which was one picture I was looking forward to getting, but the trusty old tern showed up and gave me a bit of a display


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  1. Amazing pictures Colin, shame we didn't have any of you being chased by bulls though, would've loved to have seen that!!