Monday, 13 July 2009

Sunday 12 July 5.30 am

After a frantic search on Friday I managed to get my new lens (canon 400mm prime f5.6)deliverd on Saturday - Full marks to Amazon who managed to get it sent out for me even though the payment was not cleared until 9pm Friday night. First Direct in there wisdom kept declining the card as it was an unusual amount to be going out of my bank and they thought it may be fraudulant.
Anyways I was like a kid on christmas eve waiting to go out the next morning. Sunday mornong arrives and it is chucking it down, undettered I got in the van and sat watching the lake until it stopped. As I walked round I got absolutley soaked in the long grass and I managed to take no foto's thats right non, zilch, zero. I went back home and told Jo about my non bird adventure and she told me all about the bird adventure she had, had. We have a senegal parrot called percy. A lot of people know percy because it lives on Jo's shoulder whether she is at work or at home. He is not a normal bird (non of Jo's pets are normal) in fact he is far from normal. He is always getting into mischief and when he is not doing that, he is attacking Eric our staffie cross dog and when he is at work he attacks Lisa or any other human that happens to be within 10 yards. What happend this morning was his come-uppance ha ha ha. Jo put the washing in the machine, shut the door and switched it on. She heard a tapping on the glass looked down and there is Percy on the wrong side of the glass and absolutly soaked lol. She quickly turned off the machine and then had to wait 2 minutes before she could open the door and all this time she is saying sorry to him thrrough the glass. We have since changed his name from Percy to Persil.

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  1. Poor Percy that was nearly eaten by Dylan you mean :(