Wednesday, 11 November 2009

out at last

Well it has been quite a few hectic weeks at work along with some rubbish weather has kept me in, but I have managed a trip down to seeswood and a trip over to Brandon.It was drizzling on sunday and couldnt make my mind up whether to go out or not, in the end I decided to drop in a Brandon. I was hoping to see some snipe and cettis warbler well that was the plan. I think I needed to listen for the Cettis but not knowing what to listen for I think I was on a bit of a no hoper. The light was absolute rubish so an ISO of 800 on a hand held 400mm was not going to give me any decent Photos. I walked past Grebe Pool taking my time and listening intently, but I aint much good at spotting these smaller birds and for my trouble I watched a dunnock for a few minutes along with several Blackbirds ,Great tits and long tailed tits also a Jay flew over which was a first for me, nobody was about and the peace and quiet was most welcome. I then moved to the John Baldwin hide where there were several cormorants,Teal,Shoveler,Pochard,Mallard,Lapwings and 1 L.B.B gull along with other unidentified gulls and black headed gull

I then moved onto the Teal hide where all I seen was a moorhen and a couple of Teal, I sat in there for about 30 mins and nothing arrived except a grunt well I dont think I even got a grunt off this one when I quietly said hello, he soon went and sombody else came in and they actualy said good morning, I nearly grunted at them thinking this was the thing to do when you are in a hide but I returned the greeting and this guy was a nice bloke. I went into East Marsh and there was nothing different to be seen than what I had seen in the Jon Baldwin hide. I was really enjoying my morning out so thought I would just have a quick wander down to Carlton. Glad I did as I saw the kingfisher along with a tree creeper (a 1st ) bullfinch

heron and a group of mixed tits. The tree creeper was thanks to a guy next to me who was taking pics and he pointed the tree creeper out, twas a shame I was too slow on the button.
I dropped in at seeswood on my way back and there was little to be seen but I did get a nice foto of a B.H.Gull


  1. Hi Col

    Nice pics at Brandon - well done. You will find that "begrudging grunts" are quite common at Brandon! Seems to be a local language, maybe. Light at the moment is very poor but your images do not seem affected by a high ISO. Looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks Kev - they are a bit grainy when blown up, I had no chance of using the x2 converter.
    I went to Brandon on the hope of seeing some snipe and siskin but to no avail , I was suprised I did not see any waders as such, Perhaps I wasnt looking hard enough.